Bioenergetics Retreat in New York City

Terapeutas 18

Bioenergetics is a fabulous and one of the most powerful techniques to release tension accummulated throughout life due to unexpressed feelings, emotions and energy blocked. There are different lines of Bioenergetics therapy. The one Milan has developed and sucessfully applied for the past 30 years works in the muscle that retracts to suppress our feelings.

Working deeply with breathing and body exercises, these blocked emotions will release along with muscle tension, so your ability for breathing will expand, bringing more energy for your life. One immediate effect of bioenergetics can be felt sexually, causing raised excitement and pleasure. Another strong immediate effect is an opening in the heart, creating a much greater willingness to love and connect.

In this weekend retreat you will be able to experience the effect of the releasing of the body and flow in a wave of very strong and deep energy. This work may also bring up father and mother issues as well as many early childhood memories that come up and are expressed, creating a deep relief for your system. This will bring more self-awareness about your relationship with the world.

During the workshop we will also work with Osho active meditations.

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Letter from Prem Milan:

To make life worth living, you must love. Be it in NYC, California, Brazil, Europe, wherever you go, if you don’t love, your life will be a failure. Love is what makes us humans.
You can see it for yourself, just look around, you will see that we are becoming less human, more automatic, stuck on our iPhones, on Facebook. You know it, you just don’t want to stop, notice it and make an effort to give yourself a new way, where the essential and natural things become fundamentally important again. But the system says “go on, take a pill” or “get drunk”. Actually, what has shocked me the most in NYC is how many bars and shops sell alcohol, it is a system of getting anesthetized and moving on. You know where it takes, look around and see your parents, neighbors, friends, bosses, or anyone else. However, you’d rather be deceived that it will be different for you. It won’t.
It will only be different if you have sex and love a lot, with quality. Not this love that is heavy, guilty, an obligation. Sexuality is being set aside in such an absurd way. It is our biggest source of pleasure and joy. You are the result of sexual intercourse, but we are only left with prejudice, distortion, perversion, kinkiness. We use sex as an escape valve, so we end up frustrated and unhappy, which happens because we have been repressed since our childhood. All that is repressed is then distorted.
Bioenergetics is powerful exercises which help those repressed feelings come to light: pain, rage, frustration and fear. To keep these feelings inside you use a lot of your vital energy. Expressing them will release a lot of energy for you, so that your body can pulse and feel. Then you will notice that your sexuality will be deeper and more powerful, it will take you to your heart. If you don’t cleanse yourself profoundly, it won’t happen. I know you’d like to learn comfortable and easy techniques, which are painless and effortless. The thing with those techniques is that they treat you as a half dead, that is why they don’t work, they become a comfort, maintaining the unhappy state most of us already live in. You will have to go through this cleansing process, which is going to make you find yourself.
You were born a whole human being, full of potential, but then you weren’t nourished the right way to develop that. On the contrary, you were fed with distortion, without the essential substances. Just like a plant that grows crooked, you will have to be pruned and then give yourself the right feed to develop the true and adequate way. Bioenergetics is going to provide this cleansing, then you’ll be able to nourish yourself in order to develop. On a weekend you can give great steps towards this. Bioenergetics will surprise you, actually the kind of bioenergetics we do will certainly make you fall into tears, feel rage, among other feelings, and you’ll surely get to the end feeling more energetic, more loving, more relaxed, and ready the restart.