Free Love

We only have this expression because people live an enslaved love. People say we are from free love, of course we are from free love. We love freely, at our own will, we don’t do it as an obligation, or for interests, or for the fear of being lonely.

Love has no reason, love is something that happens and love without freedom is not love, it is slavery, it is dependence and submission. Free love is not pornography that is in people’s minds. Free love has nothing to do with whoring, bacchanal. This is in the minds of people, part of a society that doesn’t have free love. When you’re free to love you’re not tied by a ring, by a contract. Things are much more real. Here relationships last longer and partners aren’t having sex with others all the time. If something comes up, and someone gets interested in someone else, they have sex, and the partner takes that. Nobody is nobody’s property here, but if someone loves another especially, so they are with each other because they want to, it’s not out of fear or lack of options. It’s not out of interest, nor because they have an agreement, or to please they parents; it is because there is love, because they like each other. That is free love. And the human being have been going towards that direction more and more.

This stupid association of free love with lack of responsibility, or lack of commitment is a shame. In the square society, when many parents get divorced they leave their children physically, emotionally and financially. In the midst of free love stories I see a lot more people’s responsibility, much more support, more physical, emotional and economic concern. This concept that free love is a vagabond, a profiteer, a loose thing, is the concept of religions. They keep up with people who are suffering and slaved because the more people are frustrated and enslaved, the more they earn, the more status they have. Free love only generates happy people and happy people don’t become consumers. And this vibe gets humanity to be reconciled with love!