Bioenergetics Retreat with PREM MILAN

Openning for a life of PLEASURE, JOY and DEPTH!

We are, more and more, accustomed to a life without risks. Digital or non-passionate relationships, automated routines, strained and low-energy bodies. We feel a little, we have little sex, we live less than we could. In reality, we live in fear.

“Pleasure, laughter and joy. That’s what you need in your life! Without it, all is lost! This goes along with sadness, anger, fear, love. But we totally put aside what matters. In our life, we are more serious and stern than loving and happy. Take a walk down the street and look… People need to drink and use drugs in order to have a little joy, this is absurd!”. Prem Milan

Nevertheless we all want to be happy, right? But what is it to be happy? Is it to have a good job? Is it to have a family? To have a new car? Stability? Are you really happy about that? Or do you think you’ll be really happy when you get there?

So, what’s up? Do you want to break this pattern? Are you ready to RISK more?

MILAN speaks about rescueing the intensity of living! Because when you decide to FEEL DEEPLY, comes the RISK! Risk of falling in love, of letting go of control, of going beyond your expectations, of breaking with your own standards!

WEDS | 9th Oct | 20h


Father of three, born in Garibaldi, Brasil, owner of a contagious charisma and enthusiasm for life. Former political activist, he found a different course where to focus all his energy and dream for a better world. His contact with Osho in the 80s, with Veeresha, his life and work companion for many years, and with Veeresh since the 90s, brought him an incredible knowledge and life experience in working with people.

Today Prem Milan, founder of the Namaste centre, and creator, along with Veeresha, of the Father and Mother Primal Process, gives groups and individual bioenergetics training in Porto Alegre, Belém do Pará, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon. And in the last two places, he helped creating a center of therapy and meditation with therapists trained by him. Currently he leads a therapeutic community in a big farmland in Porto Alegre, Brasil, with 90 people, adults and children.

For us Milan is a friend and an inspiration, not only for his work but also for the way he lives life in constant rebellion and creation. It is a privilege for us to promote and participate in this workshop.

PRICE: 10€ (deductible on the workshop value)

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