CarnaWOW 2018!

Plans for February?

What about unforgettable hot days in Brazil??

It´s Carnival time and if you are looking for a special one, in the south of Brazil we have the best: The CarnaWOW!!!

Here, at Osho Rachana Community, we enjoy those Carnival days in a different way.

You will have the chance to experience Carnival parties and parades, have a lot of fun and learn a lot about yourself! Actually, you will be amazed at yourself, surprised with your own energy, creativity and capability to love and get close to the others.

During CarnaWOW, our nights hold great parties and our days give you the opportunity to join meditations, Bioenergetics sessions, masks and Carnival costume workshops, moments of relaxation in nature and experience a bit of living together in a great community!

Surrounded by lots of green, waterfall, lake and much more of nature, our community brings together great people who care about each other and believe our lives can be much more than adapting to such a crazy way of life based on money, work, stress, power that we have to face day by day.

Give yourself a chance and opportunity to do something different, to experience life in an unforgettable way.

We are waiting for you!


Friday evening (9th):  Reception and Samba Circle Party (Roda de Samba) – Drums warming up!

Saturday (10th): A day to work on yourself. Bioenergetics sessions and meditations to help you let go tensions and suppressed feelings so that you can reconnect to your energy. In the evening, Carnaval Masks Workshop and Masks Party all night long.

Sunday (11th): After connecting deeply with yourself, it´s time to meet the others. During the day, therapeutic sessions will help you to rescue your trust in friendship. At night, to celebrate, Shaky is Good Party (Bloco Mexido e Bom)!!

Monday (12th): A creation, celebration and ecstasy day which ends with a breathtaking presentation of two Samba Schools in which you will be a star!

Tuesday (13th): After so much joy and movement, a day to relax with your new friends in nature and meditate.

For further information, contact us on

[email protected]

Phone: ++5551981917409 (Pavita)