Therapists in Spain

Satyam Jemima

She took her training in Bioenergetics Therapy and Active Meditations at Namastê.

She is Spanish, she fell in love with the Osho Rachana Community, in Brazil, in 2005, and decided to live there and take part in its creation, lived there for 16 years.

Bioenergetics transformed her life, she dove deeply into many of her personal issues and discovered a lot of love for herself and for others, a new flowering of her feelings.

She accompanied Prem Milan in self-discovery marathons held in different parts of the world.

In her inner journey, she took part in and also facilitated Vipassana Meditation retreats among others, as well as various Osho meditation groups and Bioenergetic marathons.

Today she works in Catalonia with individual and group bioenergetics sessions and meditation.

For over 18 years, she worked with Ayurvedic Massage, which gave her a much more complete and humanistic view of the body.

Another passion she has is art, fascinated by visual theater, scenography and puppet making.

“Life has taught me that there is always a solution to problems and that running away from them, undoubtedly, does not work. This brought me great relaxation and a lot of strength to create, face situations, love… I like being able to transmit it to my clients through this body work, which I think is fundamental for a person’s life growth”.

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