A child’s dream is a solution for an adult. When it comes to community, I have to recall my childhood memories: my amazing group of friends, my football team… we used to get together and work hard to build the highest bonfire for the São João festivities and to build our own little football pitch. It was such a joy just to be together! We had fights, arguments, but we also loved each other. Just wonderful! We had a lot of energy and were all the time finding something different to do or create. Above all, we were together and this made all the difference in our childhood. When we become adults, this all ends: our creativity, such joy, being together. Then, what comes is a feeling that something is wrong with this way of life, with the society, with the cold relationships people have… each person caring only about him or herself and that’s it.

Those who had this feeling, that life could be different, have ended up together here! People who didn’t want to surrender to such a cold and insensitive life, to the lack of friendship or warm relations.

We didn’t want to waste our lives in flats, hearing the traffic noise, drunk through the nights, in front of the TV… Sorry, we weren’t born for that! We weren’t born for the gray.

We were a group of friends who always had this dream of living in a place in nature where we could meditate, play football, enjoy a sauna, chat and be really close to each other. In 1991, we made our first step and bought a ranch in Cantagalo, 40km away from Porto Alegre.

Then, we realized it wouldn’t be easy to build a community… how could we deal with the conflicts, the interests and our own craziness that we were bringing from the city? The madness of being isolated, closed off, without feeling each other. At every attempt, it seemed to be impossible. After 13 years, we could really start our community and finally Osho Rachana Community was born. Actually, it blossomed!

The seed was already planted and such construction was beautiful, fantastic and extremely difficult too. We lived unforgettable moments…the vibration when someone arrived, the joy of seen something being built, the pain and sadness when someone would leave… It was, and is, a rich and dynamic process. Every year this community has been recreated, falling in mistakes, creating something new, finding new ways for living, taking steps and the result has been a deep growth and the solidification of our community. We are absolutely sure that this is one of the richest ways to live and become the human beings we were born to be.

Almost all of us work in the city, drive 40 km to go and come back and it’s worth it ! This hour together is a moment to share about ourselves since it’s rare to go or come back alone. When we get home, it’s time for a sauna, watch a film, meditate or just relax.

Being together is just great! Football on Sundays, jokes during breakfast, lunch or dinner, meditations, bioenergetics sessions, children playing around and exploring this paradise, organic food, a lot of love, sexual energy and joy! Living here is a privilege. Actually, not only a privilege but a right of every single human being: being amongst people who love, grow, who live with the naked soul.


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