Primal Work

Pai & Mãe is a therapeutic process. For 21 days, through various techniques such as Bioenergetics, Active Meditations, Encounter, Gestalt and others, you will immerse back in your childhood and adolescence to bring to your consciousness all patterns developed in such fundamental period of your life. The relationship you had with your parents determined these patterns as well as how you relate to others, to your feelings, and to the world. This awareness will happen in four levels, creating a real possibility of transformation:

PHYSICAL: a lot of body activity, bioenergetics, active meditations and specific exercises to deprogram the body.

EMOTIONAL: you will get in touch and express your emotions, your feelings.

INTELLECTUAL: You will open up to a greater understanding of this all.

SPIRITUAL: It is the result of your emotional growth. Spirituality is not something predetermined by people. Spirituality is already your being. When your being is clean, it comes into a spiritual harmony with life.


Those will be 21 indescribable days in your life which you will never forget.

Pai & Mãe Process is not the solution of your problems. Personal growth and emotional transformation is something for the rest of our lives. Pai & Mãe opens doors for you to rescue your being and you will have to walk your way. If you go through Pai & Mãe and then decide to go back to the same idiot patterns you had before, it will be easy! But if you really want to grow, this is a great possibility. Just as if you arrive on a totally abandoned land: you have to weed, tear the weeds, and plant the seed so that it can grow. You’ll water it, the weeds will come back and you’ll always have to clean it, always feed that seed. Life does not stop.

Pai & Mãe Process will give you unforgettable moments of great joy, great depth and great friendship as well.

There is nothing like that!