What is Active Meditation?

Active Meditations are the name we give to the Osho meditations which combine action and expression with meditation. For instance, you may dance, scream, jump or shake, move your body energy first and then sit in silence. It has been very efficient to help those who “can’t meditate” and also beginners who have never meditated before.

When you are angry at someone else, it’s impossible to sit silently. If you sit, you’ll be focused on your anger. But if you express it before, the emotion itself will take you to the silence.

If you are very tense after a working day, your body will be sore when you sit down. Instead, when you dance or shake it, your body will relax and it is possible for you to get into the dimension of meditation.

The active meditation techniques are very simple and efficient since they were created specifically for the needs of the contemporary man.


Why Active Meditation?
“If you can stay sitting, these meditation won’t be necessary. But can you sit silently doing nothing? This is the point.” Osho

Active Meditations strengthen yourself, give you  more energy and are anti-depressive. The stress accumulated in our bodies makes it difficult to reach a meditative state. To access our centre, our inner strength, we need to get rid of our tensions.

Osho active meditations were designed to enable us to express consciously our repressed feelings and then get into a meditative space which allows us to witness our patterns and change them.

Osho, the most talked Indian Master from the 20th century, had a rebellious and independent spirit. He challenged all religious, social and political traditions, insisting on experiencing the truth by oneself, instead of acquiring knowledge and beliefs given by others. His discourses were published in more than 650 books in 30 languages. His active meditations are practiced in all continents up to now.