Meditation school

Do you remember your first day at school? Butterflies in your stomach… Lots of adventure waiting for you… Little by little it became monotonous, less in your body, more in your mind. The Meditation School is the opposite. It will help you to come back to your body. To your instinctive centre and back to your heart, which have been receiving less and less attention or energy.

More than learning you will remember you have a body and also the good feelings it can give to you. You will remember how good it is to be totally present in the moment, without worries.

Simple things that all children know about and we ended up losing contact with, or swapping for knowledge, or seriousness, or rushing.

The Meditation School will teach you 10 Osho Active Meditation techniques in 10 classes, once a week. In one of them you will dance, in another one will jump, breathe into each chakra, and so on. Its always a surprise!

Actually, the greatest surprise is what can happen to you simply moving your body, your energy, expressing your feelings and then moving inwards.

The word meditation has the same origin of the word medication, It´s therapeutic, help you to heal wounds, to learn about how to live more, to face challenges and difficulties.

Although it´s really simple – moving, expressing, feeling – there´s a deep knowledge about the human being in each technique. Dynamic Meditation, for instance, helps you to get out of control, express feelings, activate and rescue your personal power. The Kundalini Meditation moves your Ying energy, the one related to your surrendering, sensuality, grace and pleasure. That´s why these meditations are complementary. We need them both: the strength and the receptivity.

In the Meditation School you will learn mediation techniques but, above all, you will find out, in each meditation, who you are, what limits your strength and your full potential.

This is a practical course which you can easily apply in your life. In each meeting, you will get the instructions on how to do the meditation as well as a USB Stick with the music so that you can practice at home, if you like.