About us

Namastê is a Centre which works with Osho active meditation and Bioenergetics therapy. Our work began in 1983 in Porto Alegre but only 14 years later, as a result of a great team effort, the Namaste Centre was founded on Republica street.

Since its beginning, Namastê has been carrying out very deep and rooted work. Namastê Centre is recognized in several locations around the world due to its efficiency and responsibility in dealing with human issues.

Namastê means the Buddha in me recognizes the Buddha in you, or the God in me recognizes the God in you. It has a very deep meaning and it is what our work is all about. We recognize that everybody is divine and has a master inside. Each person is capable; each person is born with the best inside.

We are based in Porto Alegre/RS and Rio de Janeiro/RJ in central neighborhoods so that people can enjoy a more silent space and get in touch with themselves. An environment that takes you out of the stress, and madness of daily life. A true Oasis within a big city.

Our work aims at unblocking the ways which stop this God from showing up. ‘God’ here is not to be mistaken with religious definitions. God is your capability to love, to live and explore your sexuality, to have Power, to surrender and feel compassion. We are all born as complete and loving beings. A seed containing all the qualities and which needs care and a proper environment so that it can grow and blossom. We live in a world which throws us into an educational system, into a family, and we cannot give it such nourishment, instead we begin blocking it. Thus, when we become adults, we cannot fulfill ourselves. To be able to do so, we have to go back to unlock the energy we were born with.

Namastê exists to boost your life! To help you redeem the Buddha, the divine inside of yourself. We all have the right to fully live our power, our love, and our sexuality as well as to expand into joy and to the others… life is a dance, a poem, a piece art, a flower!