Porto Alegre

Namastê has been at 528, Republica Street in Cidade Baixa, a central area of Porto Alegre, since 1997. In this meditation and therapy center, founded by Prem Milan and Veeresha, with the help of several friends, more than 150 therapists have already graduated in Bioenergetics and hundreds of people have been meditating and attending therapy sessions. Through these years, Namastê has opened hearts and transformed people´s lives. It´s a center for human growth and is considered a reference in rebel and radical therapy because it has the courage to go against what is pre-established, and go towards the truth of each one. Namastê also carries out profound work on sexuality according to the tantric view of Osho. It´s a living, welcoming and responsible center, with a meditation room of 120m2 and 9 individual session rooms.

Our doors are open and we are waiting for you!

Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 21:00 (Wednesdays closes at 20:00)