Prem Milan

Born in 1955 and a father of 3 children, Prem Milan founded Namastê (Meditation and Therapy centre in Brazil) in 1998, where he has been training new therapists ever since. As an ex-political activist, Milan discovered another way to focus his energy in order to follow his dreams and create a better world. His contact with Osho in the 80’s, his relationship with Veeresha (his partner for life and work for many years) and working deeply on himself has given him a great knowledge and experience about working with people.

Milan is an inspiring therapist, teacher and friend whose work has touched and transformed many lives., Milan regularly runs several therapy groups and workshops throughout the year in Brazil and Europe. Since 2004, he has been at the head of a community of 80 people in the South of Brazil.


Works since 1991 with Bioenergetics in individual sessions, groups and the Primal process Pai e Mae. With a university degree in Physiotherapy, she studied and integrated in her work Reichian therapy, Encounter, Sexuality counselling, Therapeutic Community work and Holistic Counselling. She leads workshops and trainings in Brazil and Europe, where she lived for 9 years, being part of the staff of the Humaniversity (community and therapy center in Holland). Pavita is a mother of two kids and lives since 2004 at the Osho Rachana Community, of which she is a co-founder and one of the current directors.
“Life is too precious an adventure to be lived half-heartedly. That is why it turns me on so much to share such a rich and intense work with people who want more from life!”