Vipassana means seeing things the way they really are.

This meditation is not about concentrating and there is no goal while watching your breath for an hour.

When thoughts, feelings and sensations come up or when you perceive smells, sounds or a breeze from outside just let your attention follow them. Anything can be watched, observed, like the clouds moving in the sky. Don’t get attached to, nor reject, any of them. If you can choose, bring your attention back to your breathing again.

First stage: 45 minutes

Sit down in a comfortable position, in which you can remain quiet. If you need to change position, it’s fine, but do it gently and with awareness. Keep your eyes closed and watch the movement of the air breathing in and out at a spot above your navel. Many things will take your attention away from your breath. When it happens, gently bring your attention back to your breathing.

Second stage: 15 minutes

Walk slowly and naturally. Instead of your breath, watch your feet touching the ground while walking. Look at the floor, some steps ahead.

If you prefer, you can remain sitting throughout the entire meditation.

3 Methods for Vipassana Meditation according to Osho:

You can choose which one is better for you.

First: be aware of your actions, your body, your mind, your heart. When walking, you must walk consciously. If you move your hand, be totally aware of the movements you are making. Be aware of all movements your body makes.

The same for your mind and heart: watch any thought that comes to your mind and any emotion that comes to your heart, like a witness – do not get involved, do not identify with them, do not judge if that is good or bad. It’s not part of your meditation. Your meditation is about consciousness without choice.


Second: be aware of your breath. When you breathe in your belly moves up and when you breathe out it relaxes again. And that’s it, only being aware of your belly moving. It’s very meaningful since the belly is very close to the source of life.  A child connects to its mother through the navel and just behind it is the source of their life. Moving up and down in every breath.


Third: be aware of your breath feeling your nostrils. The air coming in may give a chilling sensation, watch it. Breathing in and out.

These are three ways to do Vipassana Meditation. If you like, you can join two ways or all of them. It depends on you.