AUM – A Social Meditation

Every Tuesday, at 20:30

AUM stands for Awareness Understanding Meditation. Being straight, it´s a kick to out your neurosis!

Probably you think you aren´t neurotic but if we weren´t, we wouldn´t live in a polluted city, crowded with hasty busy people. We would have more sex, twice or three times more and also would love much more.

We talk in favor of love, sex and humanity but actually we are getting more and more rigid, dry and frustrated. What were you born for? Only to think about paying your bills, getting retired, getting old in a comfortable way? And then? Where´s the fun? Do you want your children to do what you couldn´t do and end up doing the same shit? The AUM Meditation is like this text, a real provocation. It isn´t a meditation to please you or kiss somoeone´s ass. No! It´s a very deep meditations which goes through all emotions. Both said positive and negative.

The result is a real deep emotional cleaning. Don´t you clean your house everyday? So why not cleaning your mind everyweek? Have you already thought about how much garbage you keep? Your arguments at work, relationships, neighbours and friends?

You end up simply keeping all this energy in you body and do you think there is no consequence? Do you believe it doesn´t interfere when you´re having sex? Such tension, such weight gets worse and somatizes when you eat some destructive junk food full of fat, like a MacDonalds…

To do the AUM means to do something about it all. It has 12 stages to decontaminate your head, your body, your emotions, so that you get lighter, happier, feeling more connected , more human! This is a big step for your life. If you believe you have no troubles, it´s fine. On every corner you can find a drugstore with some tablets to calm you down and release your pain. It´s easy. But we don´t even notice we are dying little by little…

AUM means people! People who shout, scream, cry, sweat, fall in love, care about the others and start dreaming again! Join this group! If you taste what we do here, at Namastê, certainly you won´t forget it. Come here, it will be good for your being.

The AUM Meditation has 12 stages and it lasts about 2h30min. If we look with our mind´s eyes, it’s something crazy, senseless, scrappy. Our mind wants to fit everything into a small controlled box, and keep everything in order. Our mind wants to control our feelings, what´s natural and spontaneous. In our minds, life is boring, monotonous, rational and logic. This meditation will deceive your mind so that you get out of your limited control. The beautiful things of life are created by our feelings of love, by our sexuality, our creativity, not by our mind. Feeling makes all difference they are the  opposite allowing us to get close and create something new, opening space for the new.