No Mind

“No Mind meditation means intelligence. Mind means non stop talking, so when I ask you to start the gibberish, I’m asking you to bring up your mind and its activity. Then you can remain pure, clean, transparent and aware.” OSHO

First stage: Gibberish (non stop talking) or aware crazyness – 40 minutes

Standing up or sitting down, close your eyes and make unusual sounds. Don´t say any known word in any idom, just let yourself to express whatever you feel deep inside. Put it all out, go mad! Get conciously crazy. Our mind thinks in terms of words and gibberish helps to break this pattern of continuous verbalization. When you don’t repress your thoughts, you get rid of them. Do it totally, with great enthusiasm!  Be authentic, honest. You have to be total. Don’t act or do it automatically like a robot. Be sincere, make it true. So don’t be partial, don’t be middle-class. Be a crazy man! Just go crazy without any fear. Don’t spare anything. Don’t sit there like a Buddha; that stage comes later. Remember, the first step in meditation is to forget the whole world and just bring out all your craziness and rubbish, gibberish sounds, gestures …. As you throw it out you will find yourself becoming light, becoming more alive. But be total because once you are freed of it, then there is a possibility of going deeper into silence than you have ever been.


Second stage: Relax – 15 minutes

Silence help you to get rid of the non- active mind and relaxing takes you into a transcendental space. Let you body fall on the ground with no effort or control. Laying down on your stomach, feel you aren’t either the body nor the mind. Feel you are something separated from both. Just be absolutely silent, gather your whole energy inwards, as if you were coming home.