The first Pai & Mãe Process happened in 1987. Its origin was the need to have a therapeutic work which could, in a short time, go deep into childhood issues.

It was created by Prem Milan and Deva Veeresha. It’s the result of combining powerful and complementary techniques such as Bioenergetics, Osho Active Meditations, Fisher-Hoffman Process, Rebirthing, Gestalt, Psychodrama and Encounter. Since 1987 this process has been improved so as to contribute to the personal growth of those who dive into it. So far, more than 60 Pai & Mãe Processes have taken place in Brazil and 2 in Holland.

Nowadays, the Pai & Mãe Process is led by Prem Milan and assisted by Namastê Therapists – an experienced group of great knowledge in therapy and personal growth. People from Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, England, Holland, India, Sweden, Canada and Wales have already gone through the Pai & Mãe Process with us.