Amalin (Angélica Abe, NY City)

“Having gone through the Primal process was the single most important things I’ve ever done in my life. And it was one of the hardest things, also.
I traveled all the way to Brazil from the US, in order to get the full benefit of Bioenergetics. Taking 20 days of your life to embark on that journey means you can be saving so much suffering, struggle and can start living a more loving and fulfilling life sooner. In other words, the best investment you can possibly do to yourself.
Although I have spent the past decade going through many lines of therapy (Jungian, psychoanalysis, tapping, somatic, psychedelics, you name it)
I haven’t yet found a better way of expressing, or more accurately, experiencing the deep emotions associated with events in the past which had originally been repressed or ignored and had never been adequately addressed or experienced. I was also using anti-depressants for several years in the past, not knowing that “depression”, in my case, was directly associated with me repressing all my emotions throughout my entire life.
We often times relate to other people knowing very little about
ourselves. We also have an image of ourselves which does not correspond to reality. We make a mental and intellectual image of ourselves, but emotionally we are someone else. Therapists at Namastê will help you clearly see that. They will tell you uncomfortable things you have never heard from anybody else. It’s a rare opportunity in which somebody will point out some painful truths right in your face. They will push you and blow your mind, which will allow you to an incredible growth.
The technics used during Primal take us to the core of our inner being through layers of our ego, traumas and physiological defenses that stop us from truly experiencing the beauty of our authentic selves. I was really impressed and remember thinking many many times: “these people here are so genius”!
This experience is going to change your life, period. You will certainly feel completely different from the person who stepped in right when the process ends. But what follows next, back to your reality, is something unbelievable. My view on everything that happens surrounding me and internally is entirely different. It is as I have been asleep and I am more aware now of everything. I have been able to recognize my emotions and properly address them so that I don’t accumulate unnecessary garbage. Now I have more communication tools and the ability to read people better and work with them, instead of just reacting. I incorporated meditation in my life for good which has been transformative. I was able to recognize the beautiful and powerful person I truly am and was setting aside. I also gained so much courage to open up my heart and be ready to love again. Right after the process, I have been able to experience one of the deepest loving experiences of my life. To be able to feel my heart again by itself is truly invaluable. There are so many benefits that I have experienced in the past few months, words are not enough to explain.
This is an intense, powerful and unheard of experience with immediate results. Having said that, this is not for everybody. It takes some courage to go through that process. I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to live a more fulfilling life, to reconnect with your true self and is searching for more self-awareness, happiness, and love. This world would be a better place if everybody went through the Primal process; and especially, if you are a parent or are considering to become one, learning where you are coming from is gold. It should be mandatory!”


Dhyan Rajiv (Pune, India)

I did my Pae Mae (Primal) at Osho Rachna in October 2015. This was my second visit to this place. I had been here earlier in Feb 2015 to be a part of the Bio Energetics Training. I love this place, the natural setting, the warmth of the Brazilian people. As also the enthusiasm, care, commitment to personal growth and the really alive energy of the community. It has a very special vibe to it. I had done three different Primal processes in London, Holland and Denmark before this and felt like I still had to go deeper. I had heard very good reviews about the process. Nobody would give me anymore detail. As its was a long time commitment, my mind was struggling to get an assurance that I am making the right decision in going to Brazil from London for doing Primal. It was not until couple of my very good friends just had to reach my ears and say JUST GO AND DO IT ! I am happy they did so and I listened to them! It is a life changing experience! The way the space was held, during the process for the Primal Group by the Stafff in specific and the community in general was incredible. The special blend of bioenergetics with Osho active meditations really supported in going much deeper then I would have been able to go otherwise. And a very special thanks to everyone in the community but Prem Milan especially for creating and maintaining such a unique place and for leading this process ! So guys don’t procrastinate … JUST DO IT !

(Marcio, Canada)

“Pai e Mãe allowed me to dive deep into the source of problems that have haunted me through my life. I finally could see these source clearly and feel it with my body, mind, and heart.
Releasing these repressed emotions, traumas, and anger from my difficult childhood and adolescence that I had been putting under the carpet my entire life was refreshing.
Now I’m feeling stronger than ever and conscious about the roots of my blockages and can fight it with clear direction.
I understand that I need to live not only in my head but using my body and heart fully. For those who are tired of blockages in life and have tried many things with little success like myself, I recommend Pai e Mãe. Yes, it is an emotionally and physically intense and demanding process, but it works. I’m glad that I found it. It was exactly what I was looking for, for a long time.”