We’ve learned how to act and take a position in the world according to our parents. Many times we can look at their lives and we know it’s not what we want for ourselves. We even believe we are living in a different way, but actually we are not.

They were our man and woman role models, an example for us. If we observe deeply, we can see that our responses when facing many situations in life is either exactly like theirs or we try and do the opposite. Anyway, we end up not being spontaneous but acting according to their patterns.

Each person is a unique being. We cannot really live our lives when repeating behavioral patterns or acting according to our fears and neediness. However, being or not aware of it, we have to break through such familiar program in a responsible way in order to change our lives.

For instance: if your parents were jealous, what means insecure, you end up being jealous and insecure in your relationships. Of course you don´t think it’s nice to feel like that. So, why don´t you stop being jealous and insecure? That’s were Pai & Mãe Process gets in! You will become aware of your jealousness, will see or feel how low is your self-trusting, will develop strength In your body to deal with risks in life, will express your fear of being abandoned and finally will connect to your self-love, your pleasure and your joy.