Community Every Day Life

How days go by here


We live day-by-day, because days are never the same here! Everyone is up early. At 6:15 a car leaves to take the children to school and at around 7am more people start to leave. The schedules are varied; there are people who leave at 8am, 9am, 10am. The cars are marked and each one has to be marked on a ride. We all pay a fare to go to the city. Breakfast is shared and starts at 8am. Some people meditate before leaving, and usually do dynamic meditation. Some go out for walks and every dweller has to work for two 4-hour shifts a week – a week day and Saturday. Every day there’s a team of three people who cook and from that lunch, food is sent to the people who are working in the city. From 10 a.m. to noon the children have workshops with some adult. They play, go for a walk into the woods, play with animals, and learn together. In the afternoon, most people are in town. Those who stay on the ranch meditate, go trekking, make their personal projects and, at night, when people return home there’s sauna, meditation, sharing, and watching films together. Once a month, the whole community does the AUM Meditation. Every Wednesday and Sunday there’s a practical and an emotional meeting to solve issues and conflicts. We lead a very rich and very warm life here. If someone wants to be alone, no problem, there is plenty of space, but people usually prefer to be with each other. All the couples live in separate houses and, when they want, they meet. Above all, there is a lot of contact here, a lot of human warmth, people who care and get involved in each other’s lives. Loneliness has no place here. It’s so beautiful to see two, three people getting together to take over the lettuce bed, or two or three getting together to design a project for the community or seeing several people staying with the children and giving workshops.

Experiencing community life is the greatest gift you can give yourself.