Flow, a Bioenergetics Group with Pavita – England

Bioenergetics is a powerful tool to get back to the flow of energy in our bodies. A natural flow we were all connected with at birth and gradually start to block in order to adapt to a most unnatural world we live in.

We all grow up learning to repress feelings and impulses that our parents, relatives, peers, society in general can’t deal with. We do that at the cost of our spontaneity and start developing programmed ways of being and relating.

Bioenergetics acts directly on the spots where our bodies hold this tension, unblocking them and releasing the feelings and the energy contained there. As a result, all this energy and sensitivity becomes available for us, which is exactly why most people run away from it… once you feel more and have more energy in your body, it is very unlike that you will keep complying to a frustrating job or relationship, or to a life poor in pleasure, love, friendship, money, creativity, joy. It shifts the paradigm of living resigned with frustration to being alive in the creative flow that life is. Alive people are not keen to be sheep, following leaders that don’t represent their truth, or to overlook injustice or the destruction of the planet…

Change starts within, and change is what bioenergetics can and does bring to your life. Are you ready?

Info: Flow, a Bioenergetics Group with Pavita.

Where: At Osho Leela, Dorset/UK.

When: September 4th to 9th, 2018.

You may enquire about the workshop sending a message to [email protected] . For booking, please cotact directly Osho Leela.