How to Gain More Money

Many people have significant trouble handling money and this begins dependant upon the environment in which you were raised. The kind of value that money was given to, if money’s value was exaggerated or not, how your father acted with money, how your mother acted with money… these will all determine the way that you now handle money. You became conditioned. Often there are people who have ‘control freak’ like parents so attached to money,  that they begin to hate money, hate work and then end up sabotaging their relationship to money as well as their work.

You have to look deep inside and see what type of reference you had. If you had a father who never validated you, a mother who did not validate you, who never said “how nice that you did that, my daughter, or my son,” if you didn´t have that kind of validation, what do you think happens to your emotional side? You will never feel like an able person, you´ll be always looking for approval.

When you go into anything already wanting others to acknowledge you with approval, you get tense, lose your naturalness and no longer are in tune with your energy. You start acting automatically and mechanically, and normally things don’t work out well this way.

The issue about work has much to do with empathy, with relaxation, with you knowing how to flow at work. Some people, for example, enter into competition. Many boys compete with their father and thus cannot be more than the father. Or they struggle so much to be somebody else, creating more tension and always ending up frustrated because, deep down, they don´t want to overcome their parents. Due to all mentioned before, one really needs to look deeply at the roots of their frustration with money. Nothing happens by chance, no one was born unable, or less intelligent. Perhaps you’re working on something you do not like, or you do not have a connection with because you are forced by circumstances of your childhood. Your father wanted you to be a doctor, engineer or this or that and you end up in a profession that you do not like. Like this, you cannot expand yourself and the way to sabotage it is to fail financially.
The same happens with relationships: when things are not going well in your relationship, you may easily begin to sabotage your money, finances… you end up doing this because you often do not have the courage to face directly the real problem. That’s why therapy is very important. Having found your real issues, you will have to work on them and, very likely, express them emotionally.

For example, if your father or mother didn’t validate you, this is an issue since it will be difficult for yourself to feel your own value. And it can´t be helped just by knowing it. You need to express all that energy that makes you feel less than others, with low self-esteem.

Another example of issues that may be affecting you are when you feel you feel that you can´t overcome your father or mother, or when you are angry about the way they relate to money. I identify a lot with this. In my case, I was very angry at my father because he was really attached to money and also was always working hard.  I learned from him how to make money, but somehow I would easily spend everything I earned. I would just throw it away. There were moments in my life that I totally disliked work or making money. I just didn´t want to know about it. Deep down, I was depressed.


So this is very important: if you want to earn your money, first you have to identify the main issue that stops you from achieving your goals. Then there are techniques to help you open up, to have more focus. For example, there is an Osho meditation named Mandala, which brings focus and centering. Everyone needs focus to reach their goals, and has to learn how to become more aware. Many people have absolutely no focus, and usually aren´t even able to fight for their own survival. Mandala is a great meditation for this purpose. Also, the bioenergetics techniques will open you up, will help you create more power.


It all depends on you, if you really want to turn it around. If you want miracles, sorry but it will not happen… You will have to fight for it, you’ll have to change your energy. If things are not working out for you, you will have to change something, otherwise nothing will happen.

This all comes from a certain emotional structure, or pattern and this understanding is essential, so that you can work on it, and transform or ‘break’ the pattern. Therefore, making money also has much to do with an emotional structure. Many people become totally insensitive and are ‘money making machines’, but they are no longer people, they are machines! They do not care for others, and they will step over anybody who is in their way, they have absolutely no principles.

I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about human beings who still want to love, who still want to be sensitive. Then you have to rescue your power to rescue your money, to stand for what you want in life, to have focus, to have that seeker’s energy of those who want more. Bioenergetics makes this work very well and, together with the Osho meditations, it’s a wonder! You become able to make things work out for yourself and create ways to have your own money.

Try it. You will see it makes difference!


Prem Milan