Bioenergetics Experimental Session

Bioenergetics is a technique developed by Alexander Lowen derived from Wilhelm Reich’s study. Reich noticed we repress emotions by tensing muscles in our body, which requires a huge amount of vital energy from our system. Little by little such tensions block essential emotional functions such as love, power, sexuality, joy, pleasure and relaxation.

Is your life flowing? Is there joy in your days? Zest for life? Power? Love? Is your body healthy and really alive, taking you where you really wanna go? Are you aware of what happens to you and around? Do you relate personally to people or mainly virtually? Are there creativity, challenges or peace in your daily life?

Our life is here to be more than just a survival effort during the week and resting at weekends to struggle even more on the next week… If, to enjoy life, you need to get disconnected from your body by using alcohol and drugs, the internet and TV then you are losing the train of thought!

Bioenergetics is a beautiful key which opens real possibilities through your body. Unlocking chronic stresses that we all carry in our systems since we were children, we open doors to live the real love (not the fantasy or the dream one), the power, creativity and spirituality.

Enough of small talk and believing that a little is ok! Come to experience something that will connect you to your zest for life, for loving, for growing!

To take part in an experimental session, you need to come 30 min in advance to talk previously to a therapist.

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