To do at home

1- For 15 days, 20 minutes a day, play a song you like, lay down and relax. Place your hand below your navel and breathe gently through your mouth as if the air could reach your genitals. Breathe in and out slowly, don’t speed it up. Afterwards, close your eyes and relax. If you feel some vibrations or pins and needles, it’s ok. Welcome them and relax. After 10 days you will feel the difference. In 15 days, much more! And you only need to spend 20 minutes of your day.

2- For 15 minutes, sit in front of your partner and look into each other’s eyes, doing nothing. If nothing happens, it’s perfectly alright, you both can lay down and relax or go to your daily activities as usual. If your body naturally starts moving, let it happen, but don’t force anything. This practice will tune your energy and help you both to reach great energy levels when having sex.

3- One hour before having sex, you close your left or right nostril and your partner closes the opposite one (it can be done with cotton). This will stimulate the energy Ying in one of you and the energy Yang in the other. Do it 3 or 4 times and you will see the difference.

4- When having sex: try to make love to your partner looking into each other eyes. Don’t focus on orgasm or ejaculation, just let yourself flow in pleasure. You will clearly see the difference. Stay present, don’t think about work or on what you will do later. It’s also important to do this in a moment you fell energetic, not tired at the end of the day leaving this to your last moment, the last thing to do. With what is left of your energy you won’t go far…

5- Do the Osho Kundalini Meditation every day for some days (Osho used to say to do it for 21 days) and you will feel a great change in your body.