Individual and group sessions

To start Bioenergetics therapy you first need to go through an interview in which we learn about you and what´s happening at this moment in your life to see if Bioenergetics can really help you, the interview also provides you with all information you need about our work and the way we do it as well. After that you may be referred to a therapist and start your one to one sessions.


An individual session lasts 90 minutes. You will do exercises and talk to our therapist as well. Thus you can elaborate and better understand your personal issues to work on at to your own pace, with the help and support of one of our therapists.


Bioenergetics group sessions last about two hours and you can choose the best time for you to participate since they happen three times a week. In these sessions you not only benefit from meeting other people who are also seeking self-learning, but also from the group dynamic, which speeds up the therapeutic process. To take part in groups, you must be taking individual sessions.

Sigmund Freud Said once that man was born neurotic. This is half-true. Man wasn’t born neurotic but into a neurotic mankind in which ‘society’, sooner or later, makes everyone neurotic. Man was born natural, real, normal. In the very moment a newborn baby becomes part of society, neurosis starts its work.

The way we are, we´re neurotic, and neurosis consists of deep divisions. You aren´t one anymore, you are two or even many. It has to be deeply understood since only then we can move towards wholeness. Your feelings and your thoughts became two different things and this is the basic neurosis. You became split in a part that thinks and a part that feels, and you end up getting identified with the part that thinks. Feeling is more real, more natural than thinking.

You were born with a heart that feels. Thoughts are cultivated, they are given to you by society while your feelings are suppressed. Even when you say you feel, you only think you feel. The feeling is dead and it happened for certain reasons.

When a child is born, it´s a being who feels. It feels things but it isn´t a being who thinks. It´s natural like everything that is natural, like a tree, like an animal. Then we start to mold, to frame it, to cultivate it. It will have to suppress its feelings otherwise it will be in trouble. When it wants to cry, it won´t be able to do it because its parents will censor it. It will be convicted, it won´t be appreciated, not even loved. It won´t be accepted the way it is. It must behave according to a certain ideology, to certain ideas.
Only then it will be loved. The way it is, love is not for it. It can only be loved if it follows certain unnatural, imposed rules. The natural being gives place to a suppressed being, and what is unnatural, unreal is imposed on it.
This “unreal” is your mind. It may come to a moment that the division is so big that it can´t be overtaken. You completely forget what once was or is your nature. You become a fake face, the original one has got lost.
And you get afraid of feeling the original since once it happens, the whole society will turn against you. Thus you stand against your real nature.
It creates a neurotic situation. You don´t know what you want and disregard your real needs. Suppressing them, you make up symbolic needs, for example: you start eating more and more without getting really fulfilled. Actually, you need love, not food. Food and love, indeed, are deeply related. When the need of love is not felt or is just suppressed and unreal need of food is created. You may go on eating but since this need is unreal, it will never be over. We live surrendering to fake needs and that´s why we are not happy in life, never fulfilled or done.
Understanding this all is a first step you take. The Bioenergetics Therapy can help you to connect and express with these feelings in many ways.