Workshops and Marathons

A workshop is a dynamic systematic group work that lasts a whole weekend. The participants coexist in the same space and can go beyond their patterns.

These are some workshops available in our calendar:

– Child Marathon

– Heart and Death Marathon

– Intensive Self-awareness

In these groups you deepen your therapeutic process of self-learning, make friends and face situations which will help you see your behavior patterns. It´s a safe space in which you can connect to your deepest emotions while a team of therapists take care of you.

Namastê´s Marathons take place at Osho Rachana Community at Cantagalo. It´s away from the city and full of natural beauty that helps you go deeper in yourself as the therapeutic work is happening.

It´s a fantastic opportunity to express your real feelings, come out of your daily patterns and break blockages that stop you from feeling fulfilled.