Self Knowledge Marathon

Self-awareness is a process in which you can get to know the huge potential you certainly have! It´s possible you don´t believe what I´m saying. Superficially you may agree but deep inside you may think there is no such potential in you. It´s always been like that. Your parents gave you too little validation and the way you were brought up stopped you from facing challenges you had in your childhood. As a result, you end up doing the same in your adult life. Obviously you have great everyday excuses. Maybe you can only feel your lack of will, or fed up. This is called depression! And the way to break through it is doing the opposite: expressing! Self-awareness is basically this: to express feelings we keep inside which block our energy. When you express them, your energy starts flowing again, followed by more willingness to live, insights, and more sexual energy available. Then, life is worthwhile! This is a residential group that lasts a whole weekend. Beyond bioenergetics sessions, many techniques can be used meditations, encounter, sharing, moments in the nature.

You deepen your therapeutic process of self-awareness, make friends and face situations which will make you see behavior patterns you adopt in your life.

Getting to know about ourselves should be the simplest thing. But it becomes something more and more distant. How can you get to know about yourself if you don´t face the situations in your life? How do I react to a conflict situation? An argument? How do I behave when somebody seduces me? When somebody is affectionate? When I´m jealous? You will only learn about yourself by going through it all. It doesn´t happen if you hide behind a screen or post a beautiful picture on Facebook so that everyone likes it. Getting “likes” is something simply shallow and weak, you know it’s a vulgar act. Life´s been replaced by this crap.

Now, if all you want is just to renovate your life a bit, colour it and make it more beautiful on its surface then self-awareness isn´t for you! This work goes deep into the roots of your issues and you will find your own potential! Life wouldn´t create people more capable than others. Life gives us different qualities, which are more blocked in some than in others. You may ask me: “How does it happen”? Come and you will see.

Trust, if you want, or don´t if you don’t! We have a history, and we’ve experienced a lot in life and it is worth it. Much more than any diploma which deep down only act in favor of an oppressive system. We are loving hot rebels! With our fire we will burn out oppression, repression and burst life into love, joy and ecstasies.

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