Body Segments

Give yourself a full body check up! Every part of your body presents tensions that may give you information about your emotional state. Your body works as a whole and will produce less energy if some of its parts are blocked. It is no coincidence that many people have lower back pain, headaches, shoulder, legs and neck pain, among many others. Bioenergetics’ main action is the release of these tensions.


What happens is that your energy cannot move freely and is stuck in these tension strains. Making that area tense and hard generates hernias and migraine for example. These are only some manifestations of the tensions. And it is obvious that the more tense, the easier it is to burst, because stiffness has only apparent strength.

Adding to this, it is in this areas that most part of our vital energy is blocked, repressed since childhood. The energy gets stuck there. That’s why so often in bioenergetics work many childhood memories come up. Do you think it is possible to have a rigid and locked body and still having a life of pleasure and ecstasy? This is impossible.


To have more vitality, you need to unlock these tensions in your body. Only then the emotions can flow freely through it. To make it easier, we work with the body from a seven body segments point of view, namely:



Bioenergetics can strengthen your connection with reality, encouraging you to achieve goals, like carry out a project or improve your financial situation. After all, your legs and feet are responsible for the balance, motion and support of the whole body. Through them, we can become paralyzed or go after our goals.



Sexual problems like premature ejaculation, frigidity and impotence, are closely linked to tensions in the pelvic region. Through bioenergetics, you can reconnect with your sexuality, increasing sexual pleasure.



It is a muscle that controls breathing and is inserted below the ribs. When improperly contracted, makes breathing hard and prevents the free flow of energy between the upper and lower parts of the body. Locks related to this area can cause digestive problems such as gastritis, ulcers and heartburns. This is because you are not allowed to freely express in a daily basis. Relieving diaphragm tensions with bioenergetics makes way to connect sex with the heart.



It is the segment of the heart, of love. However, because of the fear of rejection and pain, it closes. The body starts to bend, column kyphosis and scoliosis problems appear and also respiratory, such as asthma and bronchitis. The bioenergetics exercises can help you express the pain kept in your chest, which prevents your love from flowing.



We carry the world in our back. We are afraid of losing control of what is around us: financial stability, relationships. We keep a lot of tension and stress in the shoulders and neck. Common problems are herniated disc problems, nervous tics, stiff neck, and tense and contracted shoulders.



It is your primary form of recognition of the world and the first source of pleasure, through breastfeeding. When this is not fully satisfied, tensions are developed. Bruxism (teeth grinding) is a very common stress linked to this area, which is also related neediness, search for pleasure and compulsion for food, cigarette and drink. It is from the mouth that we communicate. Through bioenergetics exercises, you can increase your ability to communicate, and say what you really think and feel. 


The window of the soul, is the region linked to the ability to see reality. When we do not want to see a harsh reality, we distort our vision and can cause health problems such as near-sightedness, astigmatism, etc. Unlocking the tension contained in the eye muscle with bioenergetics exercises can make you more alert and focused, and help you see what you need to change in your life.

This is the way bioenergetics works, relieving tension on each body segment to allow you a life with more vitality and pleasure with no headaches, hernias, migraine or other tensions.