Work, Sex and Love

 Work, sex and love!! Those are life’s vital energies and should rule it too.” Wilhelm Reich


Work is something fundamental to every human being, it develops the mind, keeps it clear, takes you out of the world of thought and focuses you on something. It is the time you contribute to build something and you see your actions materialized. It develops your ability to create solutions, like a new machine, a toy, a building. You act as a transforming agent, and this helps you keep your balance and brings you down to earth.

Maybe you don’t believe this… but notice the joy and satisfaction when a builder finishes a wall and sees how beautiful and well-made it is. He has an inner joy. Or when the farmer harvests a potato, a fruit, a grain of corn. He has a satisfaction in this creative process, this gives him an inner satisfaction. Or as a lathe operator makes a part that restores a machine and puts it to work, it gives him a satisfaction in that too, a fulfilment. When an engineer finds a solution to the structure of a building, she has a satisfaction, a self-validation. Also a doctor when healing a person. A graphic designer when creating an image that will please people, he has a personal satisfaction. Or a cleaner while looking how clean, beautiful and welcoming the room is he´s just cleaned.

If there is an economic and status discrimination assigned to different kinds of work, this is not a problem of the work itself, but society’s discrimination. Work goes on being something fundamental, a source of pleasure for the human being. Now, overwork, poor conditions, repetitive work, monotonous, meaningless or any other bad working conditions have nothing to do with the work itself. These conditions have to do with our society that created this kind of work. A bank cashier spends the whole day counting the money of others, stamping, numbering …. of course this is stressful and he/she feels relieved when the job ends. But it was the system that automated the person to do that function. Also being a sales person is difficult, since many times they humiliate themselves inventing all kinds of things to reach and persuade customers to buy things that perhaps they don’t need.

The distortions that society has created at work, the automation, results in a situation where every day you want to stop working. The worst of all is that automation is addictive and the person cannot stop working, as if he/she has turned into a part of a machine. If you want to know more about this, I invite you to watch the film “Modern Times” by Charles Chaplin, where he foresees the automation of industrial society around 1930. The oppression at work became more and more terrible, you cannot talk and question anymore. Categories have been created, where one knows more than the other, where one steps on the other, a ruthless competition together with unfair wages. This creates anger and hatred among human beings.

Working with joy became very difficult. Work has become stressful, a drag! You spend 8 hours a day, at least, as if you were in jail! Can you imagine the amount of energy you have to keep to endure all this? Stop and think about it, what is the will, the energy you have left when to come home at night to make love?

Unfortunately the system will not change anytime soon, but you can use bioenergetics and active meditations to free yourself of all this bad energy you have from spending eight hours a day in a job you do not like. If not, who pays for this are the people you love,  the boyfriends, the girlfriends, your children and friends. Stop and think for a while, because if you don´t do anything, you’ll have to convince yourself that you like to spend all day locked in a room in front of a computer or that you like to spend the whole day laying bricks in a luxurious house and then going home to your modest house. This doesn’t do any good! We have been trying all kinds of changes to our system and it hasn´t worked so, at least, you have to keep your humanity and don´t become a part of this machine which consumes our souls.



We have to talk about it!

Sex is the greatest source of energy and enjoyment of the human being whether you like it or not. We are all born from a sexual relationship, all of us with no exception! Look at the universe. Do you think the creation of the most evolved being on this planet would be generated from something sinful, ugly and dirty? This conviction created by religions and moralists has created as many diseases as the poisons contained in our food. The repression of our sexuality is a major source of depression, because the energy of sex brings a lot of pleasure and joy to life. Sex gives you a zest to live and you know it more than I do. When you make love with quality, you feel like another person. You do not need any scientist to tell you about this because they do not know any of this. No doctor, bourgeois or priest knows anything about it.
Now, do you know the strength of this energy after a satisfactory sexual intercourse? You become much nicer and lovable with your kids, friends and co-workers. Sex is good and very good for you! And when you go deeper into sex, inevitably you reach your heart.

If we had a more regular sexuality, more enjoyable, more satisfactory, 90% of existing pharmacies would close down. We would have fewer headaches, fewer stomach aches, less insomnia, less muscle pain. Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein and so many others would probably go bankrupt since people who have orgasms get a very beautiful skin.

Sex is economical, very healthy and ecologically correct, because you’re sending good vibes to nature, to the planet. In every satisfactory sexual intercourse even oxygen is renewed. Why do we have to continue following these stupid and idiotic concepts created by people whose only interest was to make us slaves, submissive and weak? When people are sexually frustrated they become weak, don’t stand for themselves, are great TV viewers and great shopping mall visitors and car and flat consumers, they are the great tourists of the world, who have to travel a lot and take a lot of photos to fulfil the emptiness of their lives.

Sex is vital, fundamental and fantastic. Religious people, please, if your creator is God, then he was the one who invented horniness! If it is Allah, then it was Allah who invented horniness! Men and women, how do you dare to condemn the creations of your Gods? It was the Creator who created sex in animals and plants as well. A mare only goes for sex when in heat, for reproductive purposes. In humans, the creator created horniness both in reproduction and in normal life. Women are not only horny when they are ovulating and fertile, but also in everyday life. And the same for men, because the Creator wanted the human being, the most evolved on this planet, to live more their sexuality and that’s healthy.

You must be thinking that this is not what happens nowadays. Many use sex as a discharge, have many perversions and sexual fantasies. A few can link sex to the heart. Yes. That’s true, but this is due to sexual repression since childhood. We repress children, give them the concept of being dirty, dangerous, a sin… We say that the boy can do harm to the girl, that the boy can get lost. All kinds of lies and disturbances were created together with a lot of fear and misinformation. So our pelvis became hard with tension, so much that we have to contract it to hold that horniness, that immense will.

Do you remember in your teens, the strength you had to do to contain that urge to have sex? How much tension you created in yourself with it? How much blame you created with this all? How much misery it created? We, human beings, have to look at ourselves and work to recover our sexuality. To return to being sexually powerful and loving, to bring joy to our lives. We do not need more TV comedy shows, we need more sex! As time progresses, we are left with less energy, because we disturb our natural sexual hormones.

Actually, a person who can have more sexual fulfilment has more capacity and energy than an unsatisfied one.

And don’t come with this religion talk that this is a ‘thing of the devil’. Because if it was the devil who created sex, then he has more power than God! Nonsense!

Bioenergetics is a gift for your sexuality. Try to let it work on you. It will help you release much tension of your pelvis, it will help you shout and cry if you need to put your anger out, anger for having lost that innocent beauty of sex, that innocent exchange with a person. This innocence is what leads us straight to love.

It takes courage! You can stay in fear for the rest of your life or you can have the courage to come and do something about it. I know this is a controversial topic since everyone talks very superficially about it. I speak loud and clear: Sex is one of the major forces that leads you to love!



Love is what makes us human. You may think that you are a human being because of your thoughts, your head, and your articulated ideas. Now, Adolf Hitler, the greatest scoundrel in history also thought and reasoned. Do you consider him a human being? Are Goebles and all the other scoundrels, who incinerated people, human beings? What about Stalin, who sent thousands of people to freeze in Siberia, is he human? And so many other examples you already know…

They all thought and reasoned very well. As far as I know, none of them were illiterate. Thus, this premise, that the ability to think is what makes us human, is a mistake. The ability to love is what makes us human! Loving yourself and loving others is what really makes you human. That’s what brings quality and joy back in life.

“More than machinery we need humanity; more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.” Charles Chaplin’s “Last speech“.

Love is the meaning of life. It is the joy, the connection, it is what takes us out of our heads, out of logic, it is what makes us enchanted by a flower, a star, a song, a beautiful attitude. The quality that brings sweetness. I know the word love has been very prostituted, while used desperately by religions, politicians, great artists, great entrepreneurs… everyone loves everyone! The word has become so shabby and worn out that nobody believes in it anymore. Love does not come from the head, it comes from the heart! And our heart has been troubled since our childhood.

Love begins as a natural thing. Every child comes into this world full of love, more love that they can contain. Children are made of love matter and do not forget that you were a child once. Please do not forget. That’s why a child is so beautiful. Everyone loves a baby, because his love has not been disturbed yet, is not distorted. But soon the child learns rules: for you to be loved you have to do this, that, and the other, to be loved you have to be thus and so on.

And they begin to turn love into a commodity, not letting this love grow spontaneously.

Often children’s pure love energy is sucked on by adults and then, while growing, children become more sceptical, closed off, more and more afraid of loving. Gradually they stop expressing their love but this source of love is within you. It doesn’t matter how much disturbed you are or how miserable you feel, this source is still within you. Even if you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 80s, this source is still there and it can be rescued at anytime.


What is the fun of life without living great loves? Explain this to me, what’s the fun then? Having money, jewellery, travelling, cars and status? None of these comes close to the joy of a great love. Do you believe that there may be something more precious than love? Our concept of love is totally distorted. We feel a sticky love, often suffocating, oppressive, possessive, and domineering. This is not love! Love is freedom, it is truth, horniness! And we have to rescue this naturalness. To do this we have to cry out a lot of pain, put out a lot of anger for all the lack of love we lived in our childhood. We’ll have to yell a lot and punch lots of pillows to put it out! So that your heart may beat again and you can retake love in your life.

“Living life without love is like making a transatlantic voyage locked in the ship’s hold.” Alexander Lowen