Can you think of that thrilling match, with fans cheering for you, that you haven’t played? That tense final volleyball game, in which you were the focus of everyone’s eyes, that you haven’t had? Can you think of that theatre play you’ve always wanted to act, show off, experience yourself but you haven’t had the chance to? That song you’ve always wanted to write or play but couldn’t? That vibration when crying deeply with your friends either because you won or even lost a competition? Do you get what I’m writing about?

It’s about rebuilding that part of our lives which was denied to us… That life which would’ve made us more complete as human beings and that we didn’t experience because of lack of time, space, interest, situations… or courage!

Now, you have this chance, as an adult, to give such space to your inner child or teenager, to make friends and be supported by them, to belong to something, to build something beautiful. Actually, you will be giving a chance to your soul! This is what GINCANA NAMASTÊ is about! There is no beach, New Year’s party, family dinner or trip to be compared to this possibility of rescuing those precious stones we once were and that got left behind since our childhood. Believe me, this is a show and you will the main actor or actress!!!

This is GINCANA NAMASTÊ, a great event in which 160 people make up 4 teams to compete in tasks like football, volleyball, Ping-Pong, theatre, song, dance, and much more!

It usually starts at the beginning of November with defining the teams. Some weeks later, we have the Team Presentation and the first tasks are given. It finishes at the end of the year when everybody goes to Osho Rachana Community for the best New Year’s Celebration ever!

Check the calendar on our website or Facebook and join us!!!