Active Meditation and Bioenergetics Group for teenagers from12 to18 years old. Every Thursday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Namasteen is a group for teenagers to practice active meditation and Bioenergetics to help and teach them to deal with their feelings and emotions, as well as to bond them with other youngsters who want to live in a more loving world. Namasteen gives them a chance to experience something better than spending their whole day on internet or tablets or any similar device which only increases their isolation and creates a false sense of a world full of friends, however, this virtual life raises in them an anxiety of being face to face with others.

Namasteen is a weekly meeting, every Thursday, when the teenagers work on their coexistence with others, friendship, sharing, and learning to say “no” when and where necessary, to respect each other’s limits and to care about others. They also work on their personal power, self-esteem and extroversion. They learn how to deal with emotions like fear, pain, anger, jealousy, envy, love and happiness in a more natural, healthy and non-neurotic way.

Namaste encourages us to have more human meetings far from the virtual world, without drugs and closer to the heart.

This is a gift for your child.

“Teenagers are in a very difficult situation. They are changing; they are leaving childhood behind and they are becoming youngsters. Every day new dimensions of life are opening for them. They are in a transformation. They need immense help from their parents.”      OSHO


You can come for an experimental class!


To take part, you have to bring an authorization from your parents. Ask for a form to fill in at Namastê reception or contact Punya +55 51 981917933


Punya is a Bioenergetics therapist graduated at Namastê. She took a 2-year Humaniversity Therapist Training course in Holland, coordinated Namastê trainers for 2 years, created a group for women, couples, and is a mother of a child born in a humanized birth. Punya has been practicing Bioenergetics and active meditation since she was 11. She has also taken part in Namasteen and in TAN-JU groups at Humaniversity when she was a teenager herself. To assist the groups, Punya has the help of Bioenergetic trainees, Dhirendra and Leela, who work with her.